We began this movement with a 52 Week Energy Vigil for the betterment of our people worldwide. This phase will conclude on the Fall Equinox of 2020. Now our mission has expanded. Throughout the spring and summer of 2019, we will transmit our frequency live at various events and festivals. At these events, we will giveaway chanting beads, t-shirts, and bags. We will also transmit the frequency through various activities like Kemetic Yoga, chanting, bowl tones, drumming, nubian bellydance, inspiration, and more. Join us at any of these events and add more power to the Melanin Frequency. A list of events will be posted soon.

Discover what your donation can do…

Currently we are funded through donations and proceeds from MIMEC and the Maat Foundation. We are expanding our reach and have launched a campaign to encourage those who can to express their energy to this movement monetarily. A small donation allows us to giveaway thousands of Melanin Frequency t-shirts, chanting beads, bags, and travel with our priesthood team.

You may also support us by purchasing an of the items in the online store. We give thankhs for your energy!